Introduction To Jewish Business Ethics

Thursday, 22nd November 20:00

Jewish Community Frankfurt    (In English)


Or How Does The Jew Need To Behave In The Marketplace...

With - Rabbi Moshe Mayerfeld (London)

This class will investigate the fundamentals of Jewish Business Ethics and present the Jewish approach to resolving the ethical dilemmas in the modern marketplace. The following are some of the topics that will be discussed:

  • Basic principles and values of Jewish Business Ethics
  • Prohibition of monetary deception (ona'at mamon)
  • Prohibition of verbal deception (ona'at devarim)
  • Copyright and Geneivat da’at (“stealing a person’s mind”)
  • Fair competition -- where to draw the line in competing for customers and for workers; permitted and forbidden comparisons with competing firms.
  • Putting a stumbling block before the blind

This lecture course will involve the in-depth study of basic source material from the Talmud and later authorities.


Wir treffen uns am, Donnerstag, den 22.November um 20 Uhr in den Räumen der Jüdischen Gemeinde Frankfurt. Lerne neue Leute kennen und triff alte Freunde! Bringe Deine Bekannten und Geschwister mit! Für Verköstigung wird gesorgt! Der Shiur wird in English sein. Falls du weitere Fragen hast, dann kontaktiere uns bitte.


About the Author: Rabbi Moshe Mayerfeld is Managing Director of Aish UK. Born in New Jersey, he moved to Israel at age 17. Moshe received rabbinic ordination at the young age of 22, as well as a B.A. in Jewish Philosophy. He worked with troubled and at-risk youth, gaining experience in drug and alcohol abuse counselling, and helping teenagers from broken homes. Moshe joined the Aish UK staff as Campus Director, and now lectures across all age ranges.


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