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You are visiting or staying in Frankfurt and want to spend time with other Jewish Students and Young Professionals?

Jewish Experience gives you an opportunity to meet new people, learn more about your Jewish heritage in an exciting way, spend unforgettable Shabbatonim with speakers from different countries or simple join us on one of our trips or weekend activities!

List of Activities:

  • Every Tuesday at 8 p.m. - fascinating discussions
  • Every month: Shabbat Experience with top international speakers, delicious kosher meals in a wonderful atmosphere
  • Every Jewish Holiday: great activities with fascinating speakers from all over the world
  • Weekend Activities: We invite you to join us at sports, concerts or just to get together!
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About us:

Jewish Experience is a grass roots program that provides knowledge about Judaism on a high intellectual level. It is mostly but not exclusively directed to people with high education and therefore high expectations and sometimes prejudices about their Jewish heritage. However some of our participants are shomrei mizwot. We try to provide a broad and open-minded view of the Orthodox Judaism and to make Torah learning and observance of mizwot attractive to the young people bringing them closer to their Jewish roots. Jewish Experience with generous support of the Ronald S. Lauder Foundation and the Youth Center "Amichai" of the Jewish Community of Frankfurt invites all students and young professionals to its activities.

There are various way to support us, independently from your location. Your contribution can make a difference and support generations to come. Take a lead and get involved in shaping the future of European Jewry.


The donation can be transferred to the PayPal account or to the bank account. Jewish Experience e.V. issues you a donation receipt for tax deductibility!

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The Javne Fund
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